L'nu Place Names

“L’nu” is a Mi’gmaw word meaning “the people” and refers to all the original inhabitants of Turtle Island (the Americas). The original inhabitants of New Brunswick, the Mi’gmaq, Wolastoqiyik and Peskotomuhkati nations have occupied and cared for the lands and waters of New Brunswick since time immemorial. Place names given to geographic features and landmarks reflect the deep relationship between L’nu and their environment. ” Mi’gmaq, Wolastoqiyik and Peskotomuhkati place names, as with most ancient place names, are based on descriptive words. They describe the features of the landscape and, to a lesser extent, how oral history is woven into specific places in the landscape. In this way, when people discuss their travels and the routes they followed, at the same time, they draw a portrait of the landscape and what happened there. This allows other travellers to “recognize” many of the landmarks on the landscape even when they see them for the first time.” – “Nta’tugwaqanminen, Our Story the Evolution of the Gespe’gewa’gi Mi’gmaq”. Gespe’gewa’gi Migmawei Mawiomi.

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This map is not complete – it is a work in progress.  We are still collecting place names, land use and other indigenous knowledge, some of which may be shared on this platform.  Do not publish without consent from MTI.