The Mi’gmaq are the original inhabitants of New Brunswick. We have occupied and cared for our lands and waters since time immemorial. Along with our Wabanaki brothers and sisters, we entered into sacred, constitutionally protected Treaties of Peace and Friendship with the Crown, and continue to exercise our Aboriginal and Treaty rights, including the rights to hunt, fish and gather up to the present day. The Treaties have been upheld, and these rights have been repeatedly proven and affirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada and the Courts of New Brunswick. The Mi’gmag have never ceded their Aboriginal Title of ownership and stewardship over the lands and waters of New Brunswick to the Crown.

I was proud and honoured to sit with the chiefs in that circle and see their strong commitment to our people. I look forward to great success as we take our rightful place in Canada and New Brunswick.

Elder Gordon LaBillois

Mi’gmawe’l Tplu’taqnn also works to advance the interests of its member First Nations, including promoting the political, cultural, economic, educational and social development of member First Nations; wider respect, understanding, and awareness of the member First Nations and their rights, values, customs, practices, culture and traditions; and justice and equity for our member First Nations.